MARTINA VAVERKOVÁ mnou se nebudete stydět mluvit...

About me

I am a crystal and water lover. Through a long term relationship with nature I´ve acquired a lot of useful information and skills that I share through my work with groups . I help people find their true life purpose and guide them through the un-comfortable changes on this road.

How I work

Currently, I offer on on one sessions through Skype. That way I am able to:

Find out what is your "theme" and state strategies to go through whatever is needed

I do an online meditation with you, guiding you into your body, and give you tips for your further inner work such as techniques, meditations, natural remedies e.t.c.

I also provide you with crystal tips,if you are willing to use crystals in your healing process.

You can always join in on my seminars. We ´ll find a way even if you don´t speak Czech

What I do?

  • Body work
    Your body is sacred and knows everything you need to know. I guide you in to find the answers
  • Crystal tune-in
    Crystals are the connection of heaven and earth, just as we are. I use crystals to help you in your process
  • The female way (in)
    Through all that I do, I prefer the feminine way, that means inner work with emotions, how it feels rather than what I think about it
  • Body and space cleaning
    The space where you live needs to be cleansed also energetically, just like your body. I perform the cleaning and show you how.
  • Grounding, feeling good in your body
    Techniques for feeling home in your body anywhere you are. Grounding for well-being.

I can work with you from your home or office